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How does the vacuum tube furnace work in a reducing atmosphere?

  The vacuum tube furnace needs to work in a reducing atmosphere. Considering safety and cost, how to use a mixed reducing gas? The following are three problems we may encounter.

1. Should we use a mixture of hydrogen and argon or a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen? What is the ratio?

Answer: High-purity nitrogen is cheaper than high-purity argon. If nitrogen does not affect the reaction, it is more cost-effective to use nitrogen. The concentration of hydrogen should be as low as possible and the surface area of the solid should be as large as possible.

2. Buy two bottles of pure gas and mix them separately, or buy a bottle of mixed gas mixed by the manufacturer?

Answer: It is more appropriate to mix by yourself, the ratio requirement is not very accurate, just use a float flowmeter, and you can change the ratio at any time. Manufacturers are configured according to measurement standards, and the price is relatively expensive. Of course, you need to spend more money to buy a gas cylinder.

3. In addition to the vacuum tube furnace and gas, when working with this reducing gas, are there other special accessories required?

Answer: No other special accessories are needed, just remember to exhaust the exhaust outside.

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