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Which zirconia sintering furnace manufacturer chooses?

      Zhengzhou Kejia patented product-special equipment for lifting zirconia sintering furnace for dental laboratories and denture processing plants, also known as zirconia crystal furnaces, which are mainly used in dental laboratories and denture factories. If you want to update your dental sintering equipment, Kejia lifting zirconia sintering furnace is your best choice. Since the establishment of Kejia, we have occupied most of the dental sintering furnace market at home and abroad due to many years of leading technology and good reputation.
zirconia sintering furnace
    The six-sided heating lift-type zirconia sintering furnace is our patented product in 2015. Our sintering furnace protection device is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum line, solenoid valve and ceramic furnace. There is also a notch filter between the vacuum pipeline, vacuum pump and the furnace; the vacuum pump is connected via solenoid valve, solenoid valve, and then connected to the filter through a pipe The water separator and the water separator filter are connected to the vacuum heat collecting tube and the ceramic furnace, which can prevent moisture and dust in the vacuum suction filter, thereby increasing the service life of the vacuum pump. With infinite enthusiasm and passion, our company takes customers as the center, creates value with high-quality concepts, serves customers, and wins the market. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers to create a better tomorrow!

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