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Frequently asked questions in the use of dental sintering furnace

  What problems do you encounter when using a dental sintering furnace? Today, our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace will share with you the common problems of dental sintering furnace.

     Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Sintering Furnace

     First of all, why do the teeth appear light green when the dental sintering furnace is running? How to prevent tooth discoloration?

     Answer: When you use the dental sintering furnace, the main reason for the discoloration is that you are operating the zirconia sintering furnace at a wrong temperature. You can try again to make the teeth burn to the color you want, so you can get Suitable sintering temperature.

     Second, why does the furnace not work after I set the parameters? I don't see the change in the temperature curve.

     Answer: It is most likely that the heating rod is broken. If there is an internal crack, then you should replace your heating element.

     Third, why do you hear the dental zirconia sintering furnace make a loud noise when it is working?

     Answer: This is the sound of an electric motor, you don't need to worry.

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