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Solve the phenomenon that the tray of the zirconia sintering furnace gets stuck during lifting

       Yesterday, an Indian friend consulted me. He said that the lifting zirconia sintering furnace purchased from another sintering furnace manufacturer in China, the tray is easy to jam during the lifting process, how to solve this problem. I think this is a relatively common problem. When users use the lifting sintering furnace, shaking during the ascent or descending process will cause the tray to jam. If this problem is not solved in time, it may lead to very serious consequences.
dental casting furnace
    If the user can open the back door of the furnace, you will see two silver pillars. These two pillars are actually tray tracks, just like train tracks. These two pillars must be installed in the correct position. Any deviation, so the tray will go up and down smoothly. This process is a bit complicated, so I'm not sure if this Indian friend can solve this by himself. If you can't, you have to send the stove back to the factory.
    In order to avoid this kind of error, our Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. will go through several inspection procedures before each equipment leaves the factory to ensure that each furnace is fully qualified. In order not to cause trouble for customers, in order to cooperate more with customers, this is What we must do.

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