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What are the domestic high-quality zirconia sintering furnace manufacturers?

  Do you want to find a reliable dental sintering furnace manufacturer, supplier and exporter from China? Kejia zirconia sintering furnace is composed of high-quality parts, which can guarantee the maximum output usage and customer satisfaction. Kejia zirconia sintering furnace is equipped with advanced temperature control functions, making it a perfect dental laboratory. Kejia porcelain furnaces have the most reasonable prices in the domestic and foreign markets.
dental sintering furnace
Providing customers with the best quality dental laboratory equipment is our corporate culture. We provide a variety of equipment for your laboratory and office, such as porcelain furnace, zirconia crystallization furnace, microwave sintering furnace, engraving machine, etc. We serve you at the most advantageous price. In addition, we have various dental sintering furnaces for you to choose from. Regardless of your dental equipment needs, we can help you achieve them.

    Features of Kejia Dental Sintering Furnace

    Our company has recently updated our zirconia sintering furnace, and many advanced technologies have been applied. The 7-inch touch screen with real-time temperature display can only be in English, avoiding the high-purity heating element of the second polluting material; the paperless recorder that records the historical sintering curve, the lifting operation, more humane and so on.

    Kejia Dental Sintering Furnace Sintering Procedure

    The sintering program can be able to set different temperatures, heating, holding and cooling, etc. Kejia dental sintering furnace can help you book 30 sintering procedures. You only need to set up the program in advance and name it 1, 2, 3....... When you need any program, select it directly, set it once, and use it for life. Saving style and effort can avoid mistakes.

    Kejia dental sintering furnace capacity

    Dental sintering furnace productivity is another key point we need to pay attention to, which will affect the production efficiency of your dental laboratory or office. The hearth of our dental sintering furnace is 90 * 100 mm, which can be used to sinter multiple crowns and bridges at a time, which is economical and practical. We can customize the furnace according to your requirements. In addition, you can choose to put the sintered material in the crucible or directly into the refractory tray, which is convenient and safe.

    Safety of Kejia Dental Sintering Furnace

    Safety accounts for a significant proportion of all the characteristics of dental sintering furnaces. After all, the dental sintering furnace can reach a high temperature of 1200 degrees, and it needs to be kept warm for a long time. In the safety of workers and laboratories, when purchasing and using, ensure that the dental sintering furnace has safety certification. All our dental sintering furnaces are double-layer stainless steel furnace shells to ensure that the surface temperature is below 50 degrees to prevent flaw detection. At the same time, our porcelain furnace has CE, IS0:9001 origin certification and other authoritative certifications. The most important thing is that our dental sintering furnace can only be exported after multiple safety inspections have been confirmed. So if you want to buy a high-quality, efficient and safe dental sintering furnace, please read this article carefully. Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace will be your most suitable choice.

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