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Composition and application of CVD system

  The CVD system is composed of a high-temperature vacuum tube furnace, gas circuit and vacuum system.
 vacuum tube furnace
     CVD system is the abbreviation of Chemical Vapor Deposition, which refers to the gas phase reaction at high temperature, such as the thermal decomposition of metal halides, organic metals, hydrocarbons, etc., hydrogen reduction or chemical reaction of its mixed gas at high temperature to precipitate Methods using inorganic materials such as metals, oxides, and carbides. This technology was originally developed as a means of coating, but it is not only applied to the coating of heat-resistant materials, but also applied to the refining of high-purity metals, powder synthesis, and semiconductor thin films. It is a very characteristic technical field.

     Its technical characteristics are:
(1) High melting point substances can be synthesized at low temperature;
(2) The forms of precipitated substances are single crystal, polycrystalline, whisker, powder, thin film, etc.;
(3) Not only can coating on the substrate, but also Powder surface coatings, etc., can synthesize high melting point substances especially at low temperatures, and have made contributions to energy conservation, and are promising as a new technology.

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