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Tube furnace issues that need attention

  The vacuum tube furnace occupies a very important position in the experiment, so we should learn more about it in order to use it more reasonably. We need to know some questions about vacuum tube furnaces.
vacuum tube furnace
1. What are the types of tube furnaces?
Tube heating furnaces are divided into furnace types: vertical tube furnaces, cylindrical furnaces, and a large square furnace;
By application: chemical reactor, heating liquid in furnace, gas furnace, heating mixed phase flow furnace.

2. What material is used for the three-temperature zone open tube furnace? Can the steel pipe be good?
The tube material of the tube furnace depends on the long-term use temperature. There are stainless steel or quartz 800, 1200 glass tubes, and the use of corundum ceramic tubes 99 above 1400 degrees are common.

3. What is the influence of nitrogen in tubular resistance furnace?
(1) Nitrogen protection. Oxygen can prevent the discharge of nitrogen. Nitrogen can also prevent the oxidation of the tubular heating element, which improves the service life of the resistance furnace tube.
(2) Nitrogen acts as a heat transfer medium.

4. How to adjust the nitrogen intake in the tube atmosphere furnace?
Atmosphere tube furnace to adjust nitrogen intake, and the suction port connected to the tip of the float valve can be adjusted with a flow meter.

5. How to ventilate dual gas for high temperature tube furnace? Such as: nitrogen and hydrogen?
Through the dual gas of "nitrogen and hydrogen", the tube furnace can transmit various gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, etc.) programmable PID automatic adjustment, automatic heating, automatic cooling operation.

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