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The rotary tube furnace has been sent to Chengdu

    A company in Chengdu signed a purchase and sale contract for a rotary tube furnace with our Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace, which has now been shipped. The model of the equipment is KJ-1100ZG. On the basis of many communications, the two parties signed the purchase and sale contract of the high temperature tube furnace in accordance with the specific technical requirements of the customer. We will complete the delivery of the equipment within 20 working days of the customer's payment. The maximum working temperature of the equipment can reach 1200°C, and it has the advantages of rapid temperature rise and integration of furnace body and electrical control cabinet. In addition, it also has an intelligent temperature control system.

  The following are the specific technical parameter requirements of the customer for this high-temperature tubular resistance furnace:
rotary tube furnace
Furnace tube size: φ40*900mm
Heating element: resistance wire
Heating zone length: 300mm
Working temperature: ≤1100℃
Maximum temperature: 1200℃
Temperature control: AI intelligent temperature control meter, multi-segment programmable
Heating rate: 0~20℃/min
Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
Temperature control mode: SCR phase shift voltage regulation and temperature control, high-performance soft-start automatic control, over-current protection
Refractory insulation structure: polycrystalline alumina fiber furnace + high temperature, lightweight, energy-saving insulation cotton
Rated power: 2KW
Weight: about 60kg
Accessories: a crucible hook, a pair of high temperature gloves, a set of sealing flanges, a quartz tube of 40*900mm
Technical documents: installation instructions, temperature control instrument instructions

  In addition, our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace provides customers with a one-year warranty (except for consumable parts) and lifetime maintenance services.

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