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Zirconia sintering furnace has been sent to Yulin, Guangxi

     A denture technology company in Yulin, Guangxi signed a purchase and sale contract for a zirconia sintering furnace with our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace. According to the contract, our company delivered the equipment to the location designated by the customer within the specified time. In addition, regarding the quality of equipment, we provide one-year free warranty service and be responsible for maintenance for life. The warranty period of the zirconia sintering furnace is one year (except for consumable parts).

  The product model is: KJ-V1700-SC, which is an intelligent zirconia sintering furnace with the following five advantages:
Zirconia sintering furnace
1. Upgrade the touch screen operating system to make the operation and use more convenient;
2. Circular heating furnace structure design, built-in six heating elements;
3. The lifting structure of the loading platform is convenient for safe picking and placing of sintered products;
4. High-purity heating element and refractory fiber to keep zirconia crystal clear;
5. Real-time temperature control detection, heating dynamic curve display, furnace temperature can be corrected regularly;

 The following are the relevant technical parameters required by customers:
Product model: KJ-V1700-SC
Furnace size: 120*120mm
Working temperature: 1600℃
Temperature control method: PID intelligent temperature control
Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
Heating element: professional silicon molybdenum rod
Furnace material: polycrystalline fiber
Maximum power: 1800W
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Dimensions: 530*530*820mm
Whole machine weight: 75kg

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