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Differences between vacuum induction furnace and vacuum sintering furnace

       In the vacuum heating equipment industry, I believe that many customers and friends have questions about the differences between vacuum induction furnace and vacuum sintering furnace. Let's talk about the differences between the two furnaces today.
Vacuum sintering furnace
Vacuum heating equipment
    Vacuum sintering furnace is a kind of vacuum furnace which can protect the heated objects in the vacuum environment. There are many heating methods, such as resistance heating, induction heating, microwave heating and so on. As for the specific application, according to the parameters of different vacuum sintering furnaces, the application is also quite different. For example, the vacuum sintering furnace of Zhengzhou Nuotai science and Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the sintering of inorganic materials under the condition of vacuum (or protective atmosphere) hot pressing, so as to obtain high-density products (such as the production of high-precision silicon nitride ceramic bearings, etc.).

    Vacuum induction furnace is a kind of furnace that uses induction heating to carry out protective sintering of heated articles. It can be divided into power frequency, medium frequency, high frequency and other types, which can be classified into sub categories of vacuum sintering furnace.

    Then, let's know a special product, vacuum induction sintering furnace. It is a complete set of equipment for sintering cemented carbide cutter heads and various metal powder compacts under the condition of vacuum or protective atmosphere by using the principle of medium frequency induction heating. It is designed for the industrial production of cemented carbide, dysprosium metal and ceramic materials. It is also a subclass of vacuum sintering furnace.

If you want to know more about the parameters of vacuum sintering furnace products, you can click vacuum sintering furnace to view the specific information.

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