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Five box type high temperature furnaces have been successfully sent to Morocco

     Due to the recent impact of the new pneumonia epidemic, domestic colleges and universities have not yet started classes, and some foreign schools have been forced to suspend classes due to the impact of the epidemic. Morocco novel coronavirus pneumonia (13) (March) Chen Binjie, Ministry of education, said in a communique 13 days ago that in view of the development of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, all educational institutions in Morocco will suspend classes on the 16 th, and the resumption of classes will be announced further. It can be seen that the epidemic has an impact on our country and many countries, but we believe that the final victory will be the concerted efforts of all of us.
muffle furnace
    The customer signed the contract of 5 box type high temperature furnaces with Kejia electric furnace half a month ago. In view of the customer's recognition of the company's services and products, the customer exchanged the demand for products for half a day and signed the order contract. Later, the customer said to us that before signing the contract, the customer went to another Moroccan university where we had worked together and had known the quality and performance of our heat treatment equipment. The professors recognized the product very much. No wonder customers trust us so much.
box furnace
   The main purpose of this high-temperature box furnace: it is used for element analysis and determination in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, as well as heating during quenching, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment of general small steel parts. The box furnace can also be used for high-temperature heating such as sintering, dissolution, analysis of metals and ceramics. The high-temperature furnace adopts the polycrystalline ceramic fiber refining furnace, the furnace surface is coated with high-temperature alumina coating, effectively improving the heating efficiency and prolonging the service life; the high-quality silicon molybdenum rod is used as the heating element, the maximum temperature can reach 1700 ℃; the size is 120 * 120 * 130mm Double shell structure, advanced heat insulation technology, greatly reduce the surface temperature of the box; PID intelligent 30 section temperature control system, with over temperature, break couple, over-current protection and other functions. And the furnace has the advantages of temperature field equilibrium, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall rate, energy saving and so on.

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