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Kejia Recounts Experimental Atmosphere Furnace Product Features

      The experimental atmosphere furnace atmosphere furnace is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific experiments and scientific research units, an inert atmosphere, a reducing atmosphere, hydrogen and nitrogen mixed atmosphere of three types, each with a different level of the rated temperature. Depending on the atmosphere, different temperatures, using different heating elements, the model is complete, safe and reliable, but also to a process of experimentation in order to meet the different special manufacturing. Complete scope of supply of the device is a temperature controller, compensation wire, valves, flow meters, thermocouples. Temperature control using SCR control, 30 of PlD advanced programmable automatic temperature control capability, with over-temperature alarm protection, and strictly control the firing process products. Now Kejia Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. give people talk experimental atmosphere furnace product features:

even the atmosphere, energy-efficient furnace.
water cooled door, excellent air tightness.
programmable temperature control, up to 40 segment curve.
Lvbo sudden population explosion safety design, ensure safe use.
select atmosphere: hydrogen gas, ammonia decomposition gas, argon, nitrogen, oxygen.
according to different temperatures, different atmosphere, different heating elements can be used.

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