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Box-type Atmosphere Furnace And Electrical Furnace Elaborate

  Zhengzhou kejia Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said box-type atmosphere furnace atmosphere furnace atmosphere sintering experiments for materials, box-type atmosphere furnace apply to laboratories for all types of industrial and mining enterprises, universities and laboratories for chemical analysis, physical measurement as well as metal, ceramic sintering and melting, small steel parts, such as heating, drying, baking, heat treatment.

box atmosphere furnace furnace section

Mullite furnace using poly light brick building, from top to bottom with silicon carbide shelf plate furnace, the furnace temperature is heating element after silicon carbide shelf plate conduction in the heating process, the temperature more uniform. Furnace shell gasket seal is to improve the life of the oven door with a circulating water jacket to reduce the temperature of the seal. Intake is located at the bottom of the furnace, it is after the heating chamber into the furnace preheated many points, exhaust discharge through the roof rear. Ensure uniform furnace atmosphere, reducing the temperature difference between the furnace. Gas line is equipped with a gas flow meter for normal use controlled atmosphere mesh traffic.

The box-type atmosphere furnace electrical parts

Electric furnace part and integrated structure, the entire electrical components are mounted on the bottom side of the furnace, compact structure, small footprint. Thermostat mounted on the furnace side panel, easy to adjust, observe intuitive, temperature controller with PID adjustment function, can automatically track sets the optimum PID values ​​can be arbitrarily set the measurement indexing password, along with compensation function, you can make the furnace temperature is consistent with the display value, temperature control mode: Siemens technology, soft shutdown, soft-start, thyristor phase voltage control, 0 to 98% of the output can be adjusted on the front panel switches and other various instruments corresponding The Chinese signs.

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