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Four points for attention of tubular furnace

  Four points for attention of tubular furnace
1.The cooling water of xenon lamp adopts refrigeration unit, and the water can be recycled to reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the equipment.

2.The sample rotates around the light source at the speed of 1R / min on the sample rack, which is equipped with blackboard BPT or black standard thermometer BST.

3.Tube furnace timing device: in order to record the working time of each time, the device has a timer on the control panel, which can control the time of the device. The device automatically turns off the timer and expires.

4.Protection device: in order to make xenon arc lamp work normally and not be damaged, except for xenon arc lamp lighting circuit and cooling water chain, the device operates abnormally in case of cooling water failure, and xenon arc lamp automatically turns off the whole machine and stops working, thus protecting the device.

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