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Related Features Atmosphere Furnace

        It is characterized by an atmosphere furnace at a predetermined temperature, with the ingredients must be prepared manually into the furnace atmosphere, in order to achieve some kind of heat treatment, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding and bright quenching, annealing, normalizing ?

Atmosphere furnace has the following characteristics:

     tightness Controlled atmosphere furnace to maintain the pressure in the furnace, the furnace working space is always to the outside air, to avoid leaks and the intake air, and called for the furnace shell, masonry, door and all external connections parts such as fans, thermocouple, radiant tube, feeding machines using sliding seals.

    climate control In order to maintain the furnace must be carbon potential, in addition to handling stability atmospheric component, but also to automatically control the furnace atmosphere. Therefore, with a variety of control instruments, in order to furnace atmosphere continuously or periodically measuring and adjusting the amount of gas in the furnace.
The heating method To ensure the stability of the atmosphere, the atmosphere can be divided into muffle furnace and no two muffle furnace, muffle furnace flames in a muffle outside, the workpiece in the muffle heated indirectly; not muffle furnace using a variety of flame radiant tubes or electric radiant tube, separating the flame or an electric heater and furnace gas, in order to avoid destroying the stability of the furnace atmosphere.
explosive devices Reducing gas and air mixture must achieve the mixing ratio must be at a temperature easily cause an explosion, so the front of the furnace, and the rear chamber, quenching chamber and the annealing chamber, all with explosion-proof equipment, stove and exhaust gas handling systems Measures must be explosion-proof.

     Refractory No muffle furnace using a reducing gas atmosphere, to not affect the life of masonry, and not destroying the normal furnace atmosphere, requiring the use of anti-carburizing furnace refractory masonry.
The degree of automation Tightness requirements of various high-atmosphere furnace, loading and discharging operations complex process, requiring a multi-purpose furnace, high-volume production, large combined heat treatment multicomponent more dedicated or dual unit, which requires a higher mechanization, degree of automation.

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