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Tube Furnace Rules

  Some tube furnace rules

    The operator must be aware of the following: the structure and properties of A, high-temperature furnace and its auxiliary equipment. B, distribution systems, etc. are arranged to control the position and the safety device of the system. C, operational processes and safety procedures.

    Run the preparatory work before checking A, the power supply is normal, if there is broken phase, short circuit, or bare wires and so on. B, contact check wiring to the grounding device is good. C, check the heating element for damage where contact each connection is good, there is no place with the furnace and in contact with the casing. D, check the temperature control system if there is not a normal phenomenon. E, check the door and down, run out of the trolley is normal.

   with corrosive, volatile, explosive gases allowed to enter the workpiece furnace process, in order to avoid the impact of the heating element and the refractory life and cause explosions.
Over-temperature tube furnace may not run, otherwise it will shorten the life of the equipment.

   evenly stacked workpiece from the heating element should be about 100-150mm.

   oxide into the furnace too need to remove artifacts, available under the wire brush.

   Never barbaric operation, the workpiece should be light, to avoid the impact.

   When using the experimental furnace operating personnel are not allowed to leave their posts, must pay attention to the working conditions of the tube furnace is normal.

   tube furnace during loading and unloading of the workpiece, the heating element must be cut off power to ensure the safety of the operator.

   furnace oxides (including tube furnace under the wire) should always be cleaned at least once a week or five times a furnace. Compressed air is available under the oven floor.

   If, after using a resistance wire, you can not bend the collision, to avoid breakage.

   The tube furnace motors requiring regular inspection, lubrication, etc., pay attention to safety.

  periodically check the heating element usage. After short-term use after the heating element can not bend the collision. When as yet severe corrosion and broken wire and tube furnace of the same material (or a tube furnace wire itself) can be used as electrodes, the use of acetylene gas heated soldering, welding with 50% powder mixed clouds, if the heating element severe corrosion When you can not use, you should separately be replaced.

  Deviation regular calibration instruments, thermocouple, and prevent the instrument, thermocouple temperature measurement error caused by incorrect affect product quality.
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