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Slideway CVD System of Northwest University of China

Customer Background: Northwest University of China

Product : Dual-zone Slideway CVD System
Dual-zone Slideway CVD System
Product Description:
Kejia Dual-zone Slideway CVD System consists of KJ-T1200 tube furnace + vacuum system + gas supply system. The maximum temperature can reach 1200 degrees. It can be single temperature zone, double temperature zone, three temperature zones, etc. The ultimate vacuum can reach 10-3Pa. The gas supply system is a flow regulator that can be a proton flowmeter or a float flowmeter. The number of mixed gas paths can be 2, 3, 4, or 5. The tube furnace uses molybdenum-doped alloy heating wire as the heating element, a double-layer shell structure and Yudian temperature control instrument, which can perform 30-stage program temperature control, phase shift trigger, and thyristor control. The furnace chamber uses alumina polycrystalline fiber material imported from Japan, which has the advantages of temperature field balance, low surface temperature, and energy saving.

Product advantages:
1. Insulated and energy-saving furnace
The inner furnace surface is coated with 1750℃ imported alumina coating material to improve reflectivity and furnace cleanliness.

2. Safe and scalding-proof furnace shell
The furnace shell adopts a double-layer shell structure and is equipped with an air cooling system, so that the shell surface temperature is less than 55℃.

3.PID30-segment programmed temperature control
The temperature control system adopts PID adjustment, and 30-segment temperature rise and fall programs can be set, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃.

Customer feedback:
The customer was very satisfied with the treatment effect during the use of our company's KJ-1200T-S60LK3-3FZ CVD tube furnace. The material was heated evenly, which played an important role in their company's production. Kejia Electric Furnace has been specializing in the production and development of heat treatment equipment for 16 years, recommending suitable process equipment to customers and accepting customer customization of temperature and size.
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