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How to operate the high temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace correctly?

The appearance of high temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace is a new type of electric furnace used to sinter materials in a vacuum state and in an atmosphere environment, and the high temperature can reach 1700℃. It has a reasonable double-layer shell structure, the surface temperature is less than or equal to 40℃, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and it is made of cold-rolled steel plate, processed by CNC and high-precision laser cutting machines and CNC bending machines. The surface of the equipment is electrostatically sprayed with beautiful, luxurious, and high-quality two-color oxidation powder, so as to achieve a long-lasting, non-fading, high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant surface treatment. At present, the equipment is mainly used for heat treatment such as normalizing, quenching, annealing, etc. of alloy steel products and various metal parts, or for high-temperature sintering of cutting blades such as diamonds.
atmosphere furnace

vacuum atmosphere furnace


The high temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace has a maximum temperature of 1700℃ and is specially designed for sintering and heat treating materials in an inert atmosphere and an oxidizing atmosphere. It is suitable for heat treating processes of special ceramics, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, functional ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, PTC materials, tri-color phosphors, polishing powder, metals and other materials. The furnace has a beautiful appearance, a reasonable structure and is easy to use. It is an ideal product for colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do powder sintering, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiments and quality inspection.

High temperature atmosphere furnace quick operation steps:

1. Furnace opening process:

① Input power, cooling fan running;

② Turn on the control power switch Lock (708P is on);

③ Make 708P in the initial state (that is, PV displays value, SV flashes Stop. If not, press the button to clear 708P to zero, so that 708P is only in the measurement state);

④ Input the temperature control program curve. It is recommended that the heating time in the low temperature section should not be too fast to avoid damaging the furnace;

⑤ Press the green Turn-on button, the main relay is energized;

⑥ Press the 708P up key for 2 seconds, SV displays Run, and the instrument enters the automatic control state;

⑦ If the deviation cannot be eliminated after the instrument has been running for a period of time, please adjust the M5.P.T parameters appropriately.

2. Temperature control program setting:

① Temperature program setting must be performed in the initial state;

② Press the button for 1 second to enter the temperature setting state, PV displays the starting segment of the temperature setting, and SV displays the overall value of the set temperature;

③ Press , the program enters the running time, PV displays the time segment number, SV displays the running time, and the button is used to increase and decrease the value to be set;

④ Press the button and use the key to set the temperature value and running time value of the next segment in turn. During the program setting process, press for 2 seconds and you will return to the previous program state and value;

⑤ Press the key first, then the key, to exit the program setting. If no button is pressed within 30 seconds, the instrument will automatically exit the program setting and return to the initial state.

3. Furnace shutdown process:

① Press the 708P key to reset and put the instrument in the Stop state;

② Press the red Turn-off key to disconnect the main relay;

③ Turn off the Lock switch and cut off the control power supply;

④ Turn off the main power supply and the work is over.

Precautions for high temperature atmosphere furnace:

1. Except for doing experiments, do not stay in the high temperature furnace tube area;

2. Please use quartz glass products with caution to avoid breakage and serious cuts;

3. Avoid inhaling gases from the furnace or treatment tank;

4. If you find anything that hinders safety, please notify the relevant personnel immediately;

5. When handling HF, please wear gloves. If you accidentally touch HF, please rinse immediately, use C12H22O14Ca plus 2% water, and rub the wound for 15';

6. When the experimental work is completed, if no one continues to use it, please turn off the gas, keep N2 flowing, keep the furnace tube at standby temperature, and check whether there are other power supplies that should be turned off but are not turned off, such as: cleanhood lights, small electric stoves for boiling acid, etc., please turn them off.


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