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Precautions for use of laboratory rotary furnace (rotary tube furnace)

  Rotary tube furnace, also called rotary furnace, is a type of heat treatment furnace used in laboratories. It is specially designed to obtain better consistency for sintering inorganic compounds. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, aerospace and other fields. The furnace body of the laboratory rotary tube furnace can be tilted and the furnace tube can be rotated 360°. At the same time, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, etc. can be introduced according to needs. An external vacuum pump is used under vacuum conditions.
mini rotary tube furnace
The following matters need to be paid attention to when using the rotary furnace:

1. Prevent explosive, flammable and volatile substances from entering the furnace, and it is strictly prohibited to introduce expanding and corrosive gases to avoid danger.

2. It is strictly forbidden to close the exhaust valve when ventilating the furnace tube. This will increase the pressure in the furnace tube and pose a safety hazard.

3. The furnace temperature must be checked before use, the furnace tube must be cleaned, and materials must be loaded in advance to ensure that correct operating specifications are followed. Regular inspection and maintenance by professional technicians, especially the inspection of key components and equipment, such as reaction chambers, furnaces, etc. Doors, cooling systems, etc.

4. When the rotary furnace is running, it consumes a lot of electricity and there is also the risk of leakage. Therefore, a leakage protection switch must be installed to ensure safe operation.

5. In addition, choosing a more appropriate raw meal fineness can ensure the stability of the system in the rotary kiln, and at the same time, the quality of the clinker coming out will be higher.

In short, the experimental rotary furnace is an efficient and reliable heat treatment equipment that can provide efficient heat treatment solutions for universities, enterprises, research institutes, factories and other industries. During use, it is necessary to follow safe operating procedures and pay attention to the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the rotary furnace, which will also help to improve the service life of the equipment and product quality.

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