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Operating Requirements for Rotary Tube Furnaces

  The rotary tube furnace is used to sinter fine particles of metal oxides or other inorganic materials in a reoxidative or reducing atmosphere. It is used for powder sintering, Calcination is a professional equipment for measuring the state of materials under certain atmospheric conditions. When operating a rotary tube furnace, the operating requirements are as follows:
1. There should be no flammable materials or gases around the working environment of the rotary tube furnace to prevent ignition during high temperature work, which may lead to safety accidents.
2. Check the tightness of the rotary tube furnace before using it.
3. Be careful not to overheat when using the rotary tube furnace.
4. During the working process of the rotary tube furnace, it is strictly forbidden to open the furnace door.
5. Rotary tube furnaces cannot be used for experiments with corrosive substances.


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