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How to better purchase high temperature muffle furnace

      At present, the high-temperature muffle furnace is used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, medical places, teaching experiments, etc. the high-temperature muffle furnace equipment adopts good technology. The equipment is reasonably designed, easy to operate, and simple in structure, which brings great convenience to the work requiring heat treatment. So what are the ways to choose high temperature muffle furnace? How can I choose a good machine?
1.Quality first, good quality and low price
    Good quality and low price is the pursuit of every consumer, so we should choose the suitable one from many options. The high-temperature muffle furnace is a long-term equipment, so its quality must be paid attention to. Choosing a high-quality high-temperature muffle furnace will prolong its service life, reduce the occurrence of faults, and reduce unnecessary cost waste, such as maintenance, which is a kind of cost. Operation safety. In the experiment, the safety of equipment is very important.
2.Selection of insulation materials
    1. The selection of thermal insulation materials needs to start with the temperature required by the experiment. For example, the temperature commonly used in the experiment is 1400 ℃, so the thermal insulation materials must reach 1500-1600 ℃ to withstand high temperature. Only in this way can the operation of the experiment be completed, meet the experimental requirements, and reach a good service life under the condition of normal trial use without abnormal conditions, which will be conducive to the operation of the experiment.
    2. The quality of the heating element is good or bad. The heating element is divided into resistance wire, silicon carbide rod and silicon molybdenum rod. These three heating elements need to be determined according to the high temperature of the customer's experiment. For example, 1000-1200 degrees is the resistance wire, 1300 degrees is the silicon carbide rod, and 1400-1600 degrees is the silicon molybdenum rod. The higher the temperature, the higher the price will rise. Therefore, the purchase should be selected according to their own needs.
3.Good protection system
    A good high-temperature muffle furnace will have a good protection system. It needs to use integrated modules to control the unit, and the control accuracy will also be accurate. It adopts double loop protection, and has protection against overshoot, overshoot, undershoot, segment couple, phase loss, overcurrent, overvoltage, current feedback, etc. This series of operations is for the safe and reliable control effect and control accuracy, so as to protect the heating element.
4. reliable manufacturers to reduce expenses
    The selected manufacturer is a key step for the quality and after-sales service of high-temperature muffle furnace products. The manufacturer should have the certification of quality system. Reducing middlemen will also reduce the price difference, that is, reduce the price.
5.Good temperature control accuracy
    A good high-temperature muffle furnace needs high temperature control accuracy. For example, a good temperature control accuracy will reach ± 1 ℃, and the uniformity of muffle furnace will also reach ± 2 ℃.
6.Manufacturer qualification and after sales
    To some extent, the qualification of the manufacturer reflects the strength of the manufacturer. Only manufacturers with strength can provide after-sales system. High temperature muffle furnace is a kind of consumable, and there may be some problems that are difficult to solve by themselves in the process of use. At this time, the after-sales service of the manufacturer is particularly important. In the face of some problems, it can provide strong technical support and solutions. After sales is also the service support provided by every conscientious manufacturer to protect the interests of consumers and solve difficult problems. Well, Xingding kiln Co., Ltd. is a conscientious business that will provide relevant after-sales services for consumers.

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