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What are the main uses of box furnace?

      The box furnace, also known as muffle furnace, has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance and controllable chimney behind the furnace. The equipment itself is made of stainless steel, and its stainless steel plate is used to form a chamber for heating and even hot air circulation.

    The hot air can flow in the cavity, which improves the temperature and can be evenly distributed in the cavity. Due to the hot air stirring, the convection of internal gas and the effect of uniform heating can be strengthened.

    In addition, the furnace of the equipment is completely separated from the furnace frame, and the furnace body is placed in the bearing wheel at the bottom of the furnace frame. During the heating process, it can move back and forth freely and extend freely along the length direction.

    In order to prevent the leakage of hot gas in the box furnace, a two-layer sealing structure from inside to outside is designed at the entrance of the furnace door. The inner layer adopts the ceramic fiber layer sealing structure and the outer layer adopts the silicone rubber sealing ring, which can prolong the service life of the equipment. In addition, a stainless steel cooling water jacket is designed at the bee mouth to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Main purpose:

    1. It is suitable for heating in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges for element analysis and determination and heat treatment such as quenching, annealing and tempering of general small steel parts. The box type high-temperature furnace can also be used for high-temperature heating such as sintering, dissolution and analysis of metals and ceramics.

    2. Its shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and its surface is treated by spraying process. The opening and closing of furnace door is relatively flexible.

    3. The furnace shell of the box furnace is made of thin steel plate by folding and then welding. Its furnace is composed of box shaped furnace lining made of high alumina refractory.

    4. Its heating element is made of ocr25a15 iron chromium aluminum alloy wire, which is wound into a spiral shape and then threaded into the upper, lower, left and right wire grooves of the furnace lining. The wire groove is connected with the furnace, so that the heating element can directly radiate heat to the furnace.

    5. This can effectively speed up the heating speed of the furnace, and then improve the temperature control accuracy. Between the lining and shell of the box furnace, aluminum silicate fiber felt, diatom and earth brick are also used as its insulation layer.

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