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What are the basic characteristics of high temperature atmosphere reduction furnace

  In the heat treatment industry, the heat treatment of some workpieces needs to be carried out under the protection of inert gas to achieve a certain purpose of heat treatment, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding and bright quenching, annealing, normalizing, etc. At this time, it is necessary to use When it comes to high-temperature atmosphere furnaces, the following briefly introduces the basic characteristics of atmosphere furnaces that need to be paid attention to when purchasing atmosphere furnaces:
1. Sealing
In order to control the atmosphere in the furnace and maintain the pressure in the furnace, the working space in the furnace must always be isolated from the outside air to avoid air leakage and air inhalation as much as possible. Therefore, the furnace shell, masonry, furnace door and all external connection parts such as fans, Thermocouples, radiant tubes, push-pull feeders, etc. use sealing devices
2. Explosion-proof device
When the reducing gas and air are mixed to reach a certain mixing ratio, it is easy to cause explosion at a certain temperature. Therefore, explosion-proof devices are required for the front and rear chambers of the furnace, quenching chambers and slow cooling chambers, and control systems for gas supply and exhaust of the furnace are required. There should also be explosion-proof measures.
3. Refractory materials
The high temperature atmosphere sintering furnace uses reducing gas. In order not to affect the service life of the masonry and not to damage the normal furnace atmosphere, the furnace masonry is required to use anti-carburizing refractory materials.
4. Degree of automation
Various high temperature atmosphere sintering furnaces have high sealing requirements, and the operation process of loading and unloading is relatively complicated, requiring one furnace to be used for multiple purposes. High degree of mechanization and automation.
When purchasing an atmosphere furnace, for safety and heat treatment effect, you must choose a furnace produced by a regular manufacturer, and carefully check whether the parameters meet the standards, so as to buy a suitable furnace type.

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