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Warm Congratulations on the grand opening of Industrial Park production base of Kejia Furnace!


In March 2022, Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace Co., Ltd. newly purchased a 1,500-square-meter industrial plant park in Zhengzhou Equipment Industrial Park, where tradition and innovation blend. The handover and kick-off ceremony of the production base of Kejia Furnace Equipment Industrial Park was held in early March. The production base covers a large area, has a high degree of automation and has a large annual output. In the future, it will be planned as three integrations of production base, exhibition hall and laboratory. The production base of the new factory will use digital technology combined with the real experience of customers to create intelligence, and show the technical strength of Kejia to customers. Zhengzhou Kejia has a mature technology research and development team, strong scientific research innovation ability and research and experiment platform. No matter in terms of area, production capacity, or degree of automation and digitalization, Zhengzhou Equipment Industrial Park has reached new heights, and has achieved a huge intelligent factory relying on its creative strength and development strength.
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It is worth mentioning that our digital exhibition hall and all-round test bench will be able to perfectly show the advantages of our products and the results after the experiment for customers. From product to technology to service, let you experience the "one-stop" service of Kejia electric furnace without worry.
If you want to have a deeper understanding of us, then make an appointment to meet the Kejia electric furnace production base.

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