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Matters needing attention in heat treatment of vacuum furnace


    The vacuum furnace uses a vacuum system to make the pressure in the furnace chamber less than a standard atmospheric pressure. The furnace chamber achieves a vacuum state, and then heats in the vacuum state. The vacuum heat treatment furnace can effectively avoid the disadvantages of heat treatment in the air, such as workpieces. Surface oxidation, decarburization, etc., have the advantages of no pollution, more accurate temperature measurement, and high degree of electromechanical integration. Below we briefly introduce the conditions that should be paid attention to in the use of the vacuum heat treatment furnace:

vacuum furnace

1. The movable connection part of the vacuum furnace should be sealed and connected by an O-shaped rubber ring, and this part is cooled by water.

2. When using a vacuum furnace to process titanium alloys, it is not advisable to use nitrogen as a cooling gas, because titanium and nitrogen react at high temperatures to form golden-yellow titanium nitride.

3. When the workpiece is quenched under vacuum, vacuum quenching oil should be used, which has a lower saturated vapor pressure.

4. The maintenance of the equipment should be in a vacuum or pure nitrogen state to avoid inhalation and moisture absorption when not in use.

5. During the heating process of heat treatment, the workpiece and the materials in the furnace will outgas, which will reduce the vacuum degree. This is a normal phenomenon.

6. Vacuum heating is mainly based on radiation, and the workpiece should be kept at a certain distance in the furnace.

7. Cooling gas: Nitrogen with 99.995% purity is generally used for steel, 99.999% nitrogen or argon is used for high-temperature alloys, and 99.995% argon is used for titanium alloys for cooling.

    The above briefly introduces the heat treatment of vacuum furnace in the application of the situation that should be paid attention to. It can meet the heat treatment of different conditions, so it is also widely used in stainless steel heat treatment, cold and hot mold steel, bright quenching of tool steel, and automobile radiator. For vacuum welding of evaporator, air conditioner, etc., for more vacuum furnace heat treatment, please consult Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.

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