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Know the characteristics of tempering furnace

    The tempering furnace of Kejia Furnace is an energy-saving, cycle-operating tempering furnace composed of a furnace body and an electric control. The main operation of the equipment adopts buttons and a light display to realize the entry and exit of the trolley, the opening and closing of the heating element, and the lifting of the furnace door. Action control, and interlocking device, the equipment is safe and reliable. Here is an introduction to the characteristics of the tempering furnace, as follows:
Vacuum tempering furnace
1. The tempering furnace adopts a radiant tube burner, which can greatly save fuel costs compared with electric heating.
2. A good fuel with a high calorific value should be selected. The higher the calorific value of the tempering furnace fuel, the higher the combustion temperature.
3. The tempering furnace can be annealed, quenched, tempered and other heat treatments the same as the electric vacuum furnace.
4. The tempering furnace guarantees the complete combustion of fuel, reducing mechanical incomplete combustion and chemical incomplete combustion.
5. Compared with the electric heating type, the emissions of the tempering furnace can be reduced by 40%.
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