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Kejia Electric Furnace shares how to operate laboratory electric furnaces more safely

  Customers and friends often consult Kejia electric furnace, how to safely operate our experimental electric furnace? Next, the staff of Kejia Electric Furnace will give you a good introduction!
Kejia electric furnace
1. Do not exceed the maximum temperature of the laboratory electric furnace during use, and be sure to cut off the power when loading and taking samples to prevent electric shock.

2. The opening time of the door of the Kejia experimental electric furnace should be as short as possible when loading and taking samples to extend the service life of the electric furnace.

3. It is forbidden to pour any liquid into the furnace chamber of the experimental electric furnace, and it is not allowed to put samples stained with water and oil into the furnace chamber;

4. Do not use clamps stained with water and oil to mount and take samples. Wear special gloves when loading and taking samples to prevent burns.

5. The sample should be placed in the middle of the furnace, neatly placed, do not put it randomly, and do not touch the experimental electric furnace and the surrounding samples casually. The power and water source should be cut off after use.

6. It should be noted that without the permission of the specialized management personnel operating the experimental electric furnace and other equipment, the operation is not allowed to be carried out at will, and the operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the equipment operating procedures.

The above are some matters related to the operation of the Kejia laboratory electric furnace organized by Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace. If you have any requirements for the use of the experimental electric furnace, please consult us!

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