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Matters needing attention in the use of high temperature experimental electric furnace

  Recently, many friends are asking what should be paid attention to in the use of high-temperature experimental electric furnace? Today, Kejia Electric Furnace has compiled part of the information for you, hoping to bring you some help.
high-temperature experimental electric furnace
     1. First of all, the heating of the high-temperature experimental electric furnace must be carried out slowly by gradually increasing the voltage. Be careful not to exceed the safe temperature, so as not to burn the heating wire.

     2. It is not advisable to put acids or alkaline chemicals or strong oxidants in the furnace of the high-temperature experimental electric furnace, and it is not allowed to burn articles with explosion hazard in the furnace.

     3. When putting materials into the furnace, do not touch the thermocouple, because the hot end of the thermocouple extending into the furnace is easy to break at high temperature.

     4. When metals and other minerals are heated in a high-temperature furnace, they must be placed in a high-temperature resistant porcelain vortex or porcelain dish, or be lined with refractory clay or asbestos plates to prevent adhesion to the furnace.

     5. When using the high temperature experimental electric furnace, do not subject it to violent vibration, because the red hot furnace wire is extremely brittle.

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