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Why does the thermostat of the high-temperature muffle furnace keep heating up?

      When using a high-temperature muffle furnace for experiments, after the temperature controller sets the temperature, the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature, and the temperature continues to rise after the red light is on. Generally, it starts to fall back after the set temperature is about 50°C. In the process of temperature rise, the ammeter will become zero scale for a while, and then it will be normal for a while, and it will continue to alternate. What is the reason for this?

1. It is normal for the temperature of the high-temperature muffle furnace to exceed the set temperature, but it is a little too much to exceed 50°C. Generally, it is normal for the temperature to exceed 15-20°C. It is recommended to change a program temperature controller for comparison it is good.

2. If the temperature has not cooled down after one hour, it is possible that the thermocouple wiring is burned out. It is recommended to check it.

3. It may be that there is a problem with the parameters of the temperature controller, and the PID parameters of the temperature controller need to be adjusted. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer.

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