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Precautions for muffle furnace operation


Precautions for the use of high temperature muffle furnace

high temperature muffle furnace

1. Place the automatic temperature controller in a stable place, not too close to the electric furnace, so as to prevent the heat of the electric furnace from affecting the electronic components, remove the short-circuit wire, and then connect the power cord to the electric furnace, and then connect the power cord to the electric furnace. AC 220V, and the electric furnace controller is effectively connected to electricity.

2. Connect the thermocouple to the thermometer with a wire, pay attention to the ± pole not to be wrongly connected, and check if there is any error after installation.

3. Set the temperature regulator to the required temperature, connect the power supply of the "input" of the control box, and turn on the power switch. At this time, the green light turns to red light to start working.

4. When the electric furnace is used for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, it must be oven dried:

5. During installation, all power distribution equipment and instruments are checked and adjusted, and the electric furnace and voltage are checked whether they are normal and whether they are in good contact. The maximum temperature of use must not exceed the limit temperature of the series product configuration. The power must be cut off before the objects in the furnace are removed. To ensure safety, the electric furnace should be placed in a dry place to avoid damp, use of leakage and cause refractory materials to crack after heating. If the automatic temperature controller needs to be exchanged, the console short-circuit wire must be connected to avoid damage to the vibration meter.

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