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Repair and maintenance of vacuum sintering furnace


   After the vacuum sintering furnace is used for a long time, some impurities will remain in the furnace. We need to maintain it regularly to avoid damage to the equipment. Today, our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace focuses on introducing the maintenance and maintenance knowledge of vacuum sintering furnace!

1. When the vacuum sintering furnace is out of service, the vacuum state in the furnace should be kept below 6.65*104pa.

2. To clean the dust in the furnace, use a silk cloth soaked in ethanol or gasoline and dry it.

3. When disassembling and assembling parts such as the vacuum system or sealing structure on the equipment, clean them with ethanol or gasoline, dry them, and apply vacuum grease before assembly.

4. Avoid frequent wiping of the furnace shell and keep it clean.

5. The workpiece trolley, material frame, workpiece, etc. must be cleaned before being put into the furnace to prevent moisture and impurities from entering.

6. When the transmission parts have jamming, inaccurate limit and control failure, they should be eliminated immediately to avoid forced operation to avoid damage to the equipment.

7. The transmission parts should be refueled or changed regularly.

8. Vacuum pumps, valves, measuring instruments, thermal instruments and electrical components and other accessories should be used, repaired and maintained in strict accordance with the instructions.

9. When the vacuum sintering furnace is repaired, it must be done under the power off. If it is necessary to repair under the power condition, it is necessary to ensure the absolute safety of maintenance personnel and   equipment.

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