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Muffle furnace production must reflect informatization and intelligence

    Informatization and intelligence are the new signs of the 21st century, and various industries around the world have set off a wave of informatization and intelligence. At present, Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. has independently developed various intelligent muffle furnaces based on high technology. For example, our box-type muffle furnace, integrated muffle furnace, lift-type muffle furnace, atmosphere muffle furnace, tube-type muffle furnace, etc. have been recognized by users of universities, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes and other scientific research institutions.
        At present, the competition in the high-temperature muffle furnace industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to ensure the long-term development of the enterprise and occupy more market shares, it is imperative for the experimental muffle furnace industry to adhere to the development path of informationization and intelligence.

   With the continuous improvement of the level of technology, the muffle furnace will be updated and optimized with information and intelligence as the main direction. In recent years, the muffle furnace produced by our Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. has gradually transformed into an intelligent and integrated direction. The continuous introduction of digital technology and intelligent operation technology has developed a series of high-temperature muffle furnaces that not only have high work efficiency, fast heating and cooling rates, but also intelligent operation, which reduces labor costs and makes the operation safer and more reliable. They are well received by customers in the market. Favor. This shows that the informatization and intelligent muffle furnace conforms to the trend of market development, and it has no time to delay.

   At present, the development of the high-temperature muffle furnace industry has joined the ranks of informatization and intelligence, and it is constantly moving forward, which not only reflects the improvement of my country's high-tech, but also guarantees the smooth progress of various high-temperature experimental research work.

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