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How to break through the bottleneck period of high temperature experimental electric furnace develop

     In recent years, my country's high-temperature experimental electric furnace industry has continued to develop and grow, and has gradually emerged in the international market. However, under the thriving development momentum of the high-temperature experimental electric furnace industry, there are dangers. The experimental electric furnace market is a mixed bag, and many companies have low-tech products and a wide gap in quality. This series of phenomena directly hindered the progress of the high-temperature experimental electric furnace industry, causing the industry to encounter a bottleneck period. So how to break through these obstacles and obtain a qualitative overflight?

  First of all, standardize the experimental electric furnace industry, increase inspections, and never be merciless to shoddy merchants. Secondly, analyze and sort out the problems in the quality of the high-temperature electric furnace, organize a professional technical team to analyze the problems encountered and propose solutions. In addition, we must absorb foreign essence, introduce foreign advanced technology, and increase investment in technological innovation. And focus on cultivating brand awareness and enhancing brand advantages.
experimental electric furnace
   my country is a big country in the manufacture of high-temperature electric furnaces. It produces high-temperature muffle furnaces, box furnaces, vacuum atmosphere furnaces, tube furnaces, vacuum furnaces, zirconia sintering furnaces, pecvd systems, cvd equipment, chemical vapor deposition equipment, bell furnaces, and rails. Furnaces account for about 50% of the global total, and exports account for a relatively high ratio; however, there is still a certain gap between the high-temperature electric furnace technology and the international level. Therefore, my country's electric furnace industry must combine strong forces to realize corporate transformation and insist on going global to make the high-temperature electric furnace industry bigger and stronger. The domestic high-temperature experimental electric furnace industry should, with a clear understanding of the international situation, steadily and steadily expand the brand effect, break through the development bottleneck period and obtain a qualitative leap.

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