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Future development direction of heat treatment

     With the transfer of heavy chemical industries such as steel, machinery and chemical industry to developing countries, heat treatment plays an important supporting role in the revitalization and development of China's manufacturing industry, and the development of manufacturing industry will certainly drive the rapid development of China's heat treatment industry, providing broad development space for the development of China's heat treatment industry, and the industry has broad development prospects.
Heat treatment furnace
   However, although China's heat treatment industry develops rapidly and has broad prospects, facing the rapid development situation of continuous development of new products and renewal of old products, although the production equipment of heat treatment enterprises in China can meet the production demand, the "specialized, refined and special" enterprise group with well-known brands in the heat treatment industry has not yet formed, there is a shortage of professional and technical personnel, and the promotion of new technologies It is difficult to be widely used; less than 10% of the automation and digital production equipment can realize precise control in the whole industry. Many private heat treatment enterprises are still using old and old equipment, relying on the "skills" of "teachers" to operate, the product quality is very scattered, and it is difficult to comprehensively guarantee the stable improvement of product quality level.
    In view of the development status of China's heat treatment industry, the overall level of China's heat treatment industry should be improved. First, we should make full use of the industry information platform to promote new technologies and guide enterprise innovation. Secondly, we should give full play to the advantages of technology R & D service platform to provide support for energy conservation and emission reduction of the industry. Thirdly, we should vigorously strengthen the training infrastructure to provide talent guarantee for the development of China's heat treatment industry. Finally, we should give full play to the role of the expert committee as a think tank and seriously organize and recommend basic engineering projects.
    For enterprises, it is necessary to vigorously improve the ability of technological innovation, improve the level of enterprise informatization, constantly enrich the practical process database of heat treatment, provide technical support for small and medium-sized heat treatment enterprises by using limited expert system, and guide enterprises to develop towards the future direction of energy saving, material saving and heat saving.

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