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Development and application of box furnace

  Ceramic industry plays an important role in social construction, national defense science and people's life. It not only has a close relationship with human daily life, but also has gone beyond the scope of daily use, architecture and general industrial use with the development of science and technology, and is applied in advanced materials such as electronics and atomic energy.
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Sintering is an important process in the production of ceramics, which is carried out in the thermal equipment. The thermal equipment here refers to the box furnace and its auxiliary equipment. With the development of science and technology, the original materials can not adapt to many situations and need special processing. The raw materials are mostly high-purity oxides, carbides, nitrides and other high-temperature materials. These modern heat-resistant materials are manufactured and tested at high temperatures. Therefore, the new high temperature equipment has been developed accordingly.

At present, in the production and research of electronic kiln porcelain, high temperature ceramics and other special ceramics, various electric furnaces emerge one after another. Higher and higher requirements are put forward for circuits in high temperature, atmosphere and pressure. Electric tunnel kiln, high-temperature hydrogen filament furnace and tungsten rod furnace have been widely used. Compared with the flame furnace, the electric furnace has many advantages: high thermal efficiency, compact heating space, high thermal intensity, which can obtain higher temperature, which is difficult to achieve by flame furnace. Moreover, the product quality is good, the atmosphere in the furnace is relatively clean, and the temperature can be controlled abnormally and accurately, so it is easy to realize automatic production. The electric furnace does not need combustion chamber, exhaust fan or smoke The chimney is simple in structure, small in area and can be fired in various artificial atmospheres. Since there is no influence of extremely high temperature combustion chamber and ash, the service life of refractories is long.

The box type resistance furnace has a wide range of applications. Different electric heating elements can be used at different temperatures, and the firing range of products is also relatively wide. It is suitable for the production and processing of large, medium and small-sized products. The furnace of box type resistance furnace is square, and different specifications can be customized according to the size of specific requirements. Moreover, the box type resistance furnace is economical and practical, the manufacturing process is simple, can have a long service life, and has a high cost performance ratio.

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