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Advantages Of Elaborate Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace

     Atmosphere is a vacuum atmosphere furnace through the use of objects within a certain gas furnace sintering furnace method products, vacuum sintering, often volatile metal loss occurs, the carbonaceous material can be used for decarbonization increase of powder feed carbon content and control the vacuum to be resolved.

    According to different temperatures, different atmosphere, different heating elements. Programmable temperature control, up to 40 segment curve. Water-cooled door, the series vacuum atmosphere furnace can be applied to all walks of life, range includes laboratory, ceramics, metallurgy, electronic, refractory materials, development of new materials, specialty materials, glass, chemicals, machinery, building materials and other fields Early experiments produce industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units.

     Zhengzhou kejia Furnace Co., Ltd. for everyone to talk about the advantage of the characteristics of a vacuum atmosphere furnace.

     a vacuum atmosphere furnace vacuum environment conducive to exclude the adsorbed gas, the pores in the residual gas and reaction product gas porosity carbide vacuum sintering is significantly lower than the sintering in hydrogen carbide.
    for the atmosphere of the furnace during operation should not be used as a reducing or inert gas atmosphere for sintering.
vacuum sintering helps to eliminate silicon, aluminum, magnesium, calcium oxide, or impurity, purify the material role.
the sintering temperature vacuum atmosphere vacuum furnace gas than the sintering temperature is lower, so the cemented carbide the sintering temperature can be reduced 100 ~ 150 ℃. This helps to reduce energy consumption and prevent grain growth.
    the atmosphere furnace vacuum sintering process reduces the adverse effects of the atmosphere of harmful ingredients of the product.
vacuum furnace capable of atmosphere conducive to shrink and improve the organization of the alloy, optimizing the relative wettability of the solid phase.

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