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Box-type atmosphere furnace of XX Research Institute

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Customer: Box-type atmosphere furnace of XX Research Institute

: Mainly used in college laboratories, industrial and mining enterprise laboratories, for chemical analysis and physical determination, sintering and dissolution of metals, ceramics, etc., debinding, pre-firing and melting of electronic components, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, quartz materials and other products Firing can also be used for heat treatment of other materials.

1. Shell double-layer air-cooled structure
2. The bottom is equipped with directional and universal wheels for easy movement
3. The whole set of equipment is well sealed and can work in an inert atmosphere protection environment
4. The heating elements are evenly arranged on the left, right and bottom sides, and the temperature uniformity of the furnace is better
5. The touch screen has a friendly and practical interface, which can display and monitor the running status of the equipment, call, edit and store the sintering process, and has the functions of dynamic display, historical data recording and exporting
6. Separate temperature control in two temperature zones, and increase the monitoring temperature measurement thermocouple, which can measure the temperature of the material in real time


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