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Precautions about box-type resistance furnace

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  Today, Kejia Electric Furnace will share with you the precautions about box-type resistance furnace:

    First, let's first divide the components of the lower box-type resistance furnace. The shell of the box-type resistance furnace is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed. The furnace door adopts a fully open door structure, which can be opened and closed flexibly.
box-type resistance furnace
Next, let’s share the precautions for high-temperature box furnaces:

1. The oven should be used for the second time or after long-term use at a temperature of 200~600℃, the time is about 4 hours.

2. The working environment does not require flammable materials and corrosive gases.

3. When in use, the furnace temperature must not exceed the blast furnace temperature, and it does not exceed the rated temperature for a long time.

4. In order to ensure safe use, a grounding wire must be installed and grounded correctly.

5. When in use, the furnace door should be closed gently to avoid damage to the components.

6. Always pay attention to the combustion state and gas pressure in each area.

7. In order to prolong the service life of the product and ensure safety, samples should be taken out of the furnace in time after using the equipment, withdraw from the heating and turn off the power supply.

8. When sampling in the furnace, please turn off the power and operate carefully to ensure safety and avoid damaging the furnace.

9. Do not stand in the middle of the furnace door to prevent flame jet burns.

10. Pay attention to whether the burner entering the room is burning, and use a torch to check whether the wedge-shaped door is leaking.

11. When the flame of the burner is found to go out during work, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and then the air valve should be closed.

12. If the parts fall or the wedge door switch does not work during work, stop feeding the paper and take out the parts.

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