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  • Selection of vacuum furnace heating chamber type

    Selection of vacuum furnace heating chamber type:1. Graphite reflective screen: Generally, there are two kinds of hard felt and soft felt used in vacuum furnace


  • The advantages of graphite elements commonly used in vacuum furnaces

    The advantages of graphite elements commonly used in vacuum furnaces:1. Graphite has good high temperature strength. At room temperature, the strength of graphite is far worse than that of metals, but its strength gradually increases as the temperature rises, which will exceed all oxides and metals;


  • What are the characteristics of an ideal vacuum quenching furnace medium?

    The ideal vacuum quenching furnace medium should have the following characteristics:(1) Quality type: fast cooling at high temperature stage, slow cooling at low temperature stage.


  • 2021Star Dental Products:Dental fast/glazing sintering furnace

    Recently, Kejia furnace company launched a very popular dental fast sintering furnace. A maximum of 10 crowns can be placed on this furnace. The whole process can be completed in about 40 minutes from booting to the tray lowering. After it is kept warm at the highest temperature, the tray is opened a little bit, and then the tray falls down for about four to five hundred degrees, and then it can be taken out after a while.


  • An article to understand low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD)

    Semiconductor technology is one of the complex technologies that human science and technology has developed so far. It is known as the jewel in the crown of modern manufacturing. The world’s complex physical and chemical theories and sophisticated equipment can be seen on the production lines of the semiconductor industry. What we want to talk about is the beautiful things that happen when vacuum encounters chemical vapor deposition.


  • Share the characteristics of high temperature furnace

    Today I will share with you the characteristics of the high-temperature furnace:1. The processed product parts are evenly organized, and the heat treatment quality is stable and reliable.


  • Matters needing attention in heat treatment of vacuum furnace

    The vacuum furnace uses a vacuum system to make the pressure in the furnace chamber less than a standard atmospheric pressure. The furnace chamber achieves a vacuum state, and then heats in the vacuum state. The vacuum heat treatment furnace can effectively avoid the disadvantages of heat treatment in the air


  • Annealing process of bell-type annealing furnace

    Today I will share with you the annealing process of a bell-type annealing furnace.Bell annealing furnaces generally use hydrogen or hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas as the protective gas, but hydrogen has better thermal conductivity than hydrogen-nitrogen, and high-standard hydrogen has a stronger decarburization ability than hydrogen-nitrogen.


  • What is the difference between heat treatment and annealing?

    Recently, many friends are asking about the difference between heat treatment and annealing? Today, Kejia Electric Furnace will give you a brief introduction:


  • Muffle furnace use and matters needing attention

    When the muffle furnace is used for the first time or used again after a long period of inactivity, it must be oven-dried. The oven time should be four hours at room temperature 200°C.


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