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The difference between conventional atmosphere furnace and high-temperature furnace

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       Zhengzhou kejia Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said box-type atmosphere furnace atmosphere furnace laboratories for all types of industrial and mining enterprises, universities and laboratories for chemical analysis, physical measurement, as well as metal, ceramic sintering and melting, small steel pieces heating, drying, baking, heat treatment. Traditional high-temperature furnace is mainly used for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units laboratories, laboratory heating, heat treatment, is indispensable in all kinds of laboratory equipment. It differs from the traditional box-type atmosphere furnace and high-temperature furnace:

box-type atmosphere heat treatment furnace is to ensure that when the workpiece is not in contact with oxygen, and high temperature sintering furnace is common.
box-type atmosphere furnace is sealed by a thick steel plate welded, door and roof are made of 10mm steel plates.
box-type atmosphere furnace can be evacuated, red positive pressure. You can pass other gases hydrogen, nitrogen, argon and the like.
box-type atmosphere furnace to ensure product and reducing gas sufficient contact to achieve the reduction of the effect of the product, and high-temperature furnace is not this feature.

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