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Kejia Recounts Experimental Atmosphere Furnace Product Features

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      The experimental atmosphere furnace atmosphere furnace is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific experiments and scientific research units, an inert atmosphere, a reducing atmosphere, hydrogen and nitrogen mixed atmosphere of three types, each with a different level of the rated temperature. Depending on the atmosphere, different temperatures, using different heating elements, the model is complete, safe and reliable, but also to a process of experimentation in order to meet the different special manufacturing. Complete scope of supply of the device is a temperature controller, compensation wire, valves, flow meters, thermocouples. Temperature control using SCR control, 30 of PlD advanced programmable automatic temperature control capability, with over-temperature alarm protection, and strictly control the firing process products. Now Kejia Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. give people talk experimental atmosphere furnace product features:

even the atmosphere, energy-efficient furnace.
water cooled door, excellent air tightness.
programmable temperature control, up to 40 segment curve.
Lvbo sudden population explosion safety design, ensure safe use.
select atmosphere: hydrogen gas, ammonia decomposition gas, argon, nitrogen, oxygen.
according to different temperatures, different atmosphere, different heating elements can be used.

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