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How to detect the temperature in the tube furnace tube?

  The temperature field balance in the tube furnace is an important factor to determine the quality of the furnace. The uniformity of the temperature field involves the stability and balance of the furnace temperature. Stability refers to the change of temperature in the same part of the furnace at different times, while furnace temperature balance refers to: at the same time, due to the improvement of the current temperature controller technology, the temperature fluctuations of various parts in the furnace are small, and the stability changes are small , in actual measurement, two methods are usually used to measure the furnace temperature:

One: thermocouple verification method.
1. Use standard thermocouple for verification, and place a furnace plug at the end of the furnace tube, otherwise the measured value will be inaccurate;
2. Drill a hole on the furnace plug and insert a standard thermocouple into the furnace tube;
3. Connect the standard thermocouple to the precision voltmeter;
4. Raise the furnace temperature to the required temperature range, measure the temperature with a thermocouple, make sure that the thermocouple is placed in the center of the furnace tube, and compare the voltage value displayed on the voltmeter with the voltage thermometer attached to the thermocouple , so as to obtain the actual temperature value.

Second, the temperature measurement ring measurement method.
1. Place the temperature measuring ring in the furnace tube (the model of the temperature measuring ring must match the measured temperature), and place the temperature measuring ring within the required temperature range with refractory materials;
2. Install the furnace plug;
3. Set the temperature curve according to the temperature measurement ring;
4. After firing, measure the diameter of the temperature measuring ring with a vernier caliper, and calculate the actual temperature in the furnace according to the comparison table. Generally, the error of the temperature measuring ring is +/-3°C.

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