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High temperature graphite vacuum sintering furnace used in silicon carbide ceramic powder sintering

  This high-temperature graphite vacuum sintering furnace designed and produced by Kejia Electric Furnace adopts a two-sided and side-opening double-door structure. This high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for heating and sintering metal refractory compound powder metallurgy materials, carbon and graphite products, ceramic materials, etc. in a vacuum state, and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronics and other fields .
vacuum furnace


1. The furnace door adopts the double-door method with two side openings. The furnace cover is equipped with observation windows, which can directly see the temperature and conditions in the furnace
2. Digital display pressure gauge control, when the pressure is greater than the set value, it will realize the automatic exhaust function, and if it is less than a certain pressure value, it will realize the automatic inflation function
3. Multi-zone temperature control is optional;
4. The sintering temperature is high, and the high temperature resistant and non-deformable graphite rod is used to generate heat. The long-term working temperature can reach 1800°C
5. The sintering data can be recorded in real time, can be queried, and can be exported in the form of Excel

Kejia Electric Furnace provides technical support and design solutions according to customer needs. What the customer uses this furnace to do is to press silicon carbide ceramic micropowder into small pieces and sinter them in the furnace. The device has good feedback. Get customers to love.

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