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Thermal Shock Protection in Pre-drying of Kejia Dental Porcelain Furnace

  Pre-drying and capping are the initial steps in every firing procedure of dental porcelain powders. A good burning effect is also based on this point. If a mistake in the pre-drying process leads to a poor firing effect, it needs to be compensated by a series of subsequent sintering procedures. The KJ series porcelain furnaces offer a variety of options for controlling the pre-drying program.
The dental technician has several possibilities to control the furnace lid closing. On the one hand, before the sintering program runs, the restoration is pre-dried using the residual heat in the furnace within the set closing time. Another option is to control the temperature range that limits the residual heat by activating the temperature set in the furnace during lid closing. In this regard, KJ porcelain furnace provides a pre-drying function. High-end porcelain ovens allow the user to individually set the pre-drying stages and times. However, in daily work, the technician will follow the manufacturer's instructions and only control the pre-drying time but not the heating during the closing process of the porcelain furnace. Various negative influencing factors, such as too high temperature in the furnace, will lead to poor burning effect. For the KJ ceramic furnace with TSP function, these important influencing factors are specially considered and effectively controlled.
The main principle of the function of the KJ series ceramic furnace: when the program is started, the heat available in the furnace is evaluated, and the furnace calculates the most suitable lid closing movement based on this. The furnace then moves the furnace close to the restoration in the most suitable manner and closes the furnace for the set pre-drying time. This means that when there is a lot of heat in the furnace, the porcelain furnace needs to wait for a long time until the furnace moves closer to the restoration from the original state. On the other hand, an open hearth will ensure rapid cooling.

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