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Safety operation specification for box type resistance furnace

  Safety operation specification for box type resistance furnace:
(1) Equipment inspection: before starting the box type electric furnace, a comprehensive inspection shall be conducted for the equipment to check whether there are tools or other conductive substances in the electrical control box. If there are forgotten workpieces in the furnace, they shall be removed in time, especially the wiring posts of the electric heating elements, which must be free from looseness, and the safety protective covers must be complete and effective. A specially assigned person shall be responsible for the inspection of electrical appliances and instruments. Only when it is confirmed that the equipment has no hidden dangers can the furnace be opened.

(2) Furnace startup: adjust the temperature control indicator of the temperature control instrument to the position of the temperature required by the process, then turn on the main power switch of the equipment, turn on the switch of the instrument and the heating furnace, and the furnace begins to rise to the process temperature. After the heating furnace rises to the process temperature, the temperature shall be measured and calibrated according to the requirements of the temperature calibration technical specification. When adjusting the instrument temperature, pay attention to: meter temperature = furnace temperature - correction value.

(3) Charging: the charging amount varies according to the structural characteristics and batch size of parts. The charging quantity is determined according to the size of the effective heating zone.

(4) Furnace discharge: the furnace can be discharged after sufficient heat preservation according to the process requirements. Pay attention to cut off the power supply of the heater during discharging operation, and prevent burns and other accidents when removing the parts in the furnace.

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