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How to check where the vacuum brazing furnace is leaking?

  Vacuum brazing furnaces are mainly used for stainless steel, copper, titanium alloys, superalloys, hard alloys, diamond tools, thermos cups (pots), aluminum radiators, air conditioner evaporators, condensers, radar grid antennas, waveguides, etc. Vacuum brazing, typical brazing products include various stainless steel plate heat exchangers, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation system), diamond tools, optical instruments, etc. If the vacuum brazing furnace fails, which leads to brazing problems, it will directly affect the quality and effect of the workpiece. The following is a brief introduction to how to check where the vacuum brazing furnace leaks and repair it:

1. First, there is a leak detector to check whether there is air leakage. If the protection valve at the vacuum gauge has an air leakage problem after the leak detection, replace the valve;

2. Check the bearing wear, if the wear is serious, the bearing should be replaced;

3. If the main valve stem seal, pre-pumping valve, air release valve, pneumatic ball valve and furnace door seal all have different degrees of air leakage after inspection, it is necessary to check whether the main valve stem seal and the large ring seal of the furnace door are Aging or cracks occur. If there is serious aging or cracks, it will cause air leakage, so replace the corresponding sealing ring. The sealing ring can be made of fluororubber material that is resistant to high temperature and various media;

4. If there is no problem with the above inspection, the leak detection can be carried out at the metal head of the thermocouple. Since the reaction time of leak detection is relatively long, if there is a very small leakage point near the metal head of the thermocouple, it is easy to be detected. neglect. A special method should be used for this: first wrap the seal of the even wire with a plastic bag, and then pass helium gas into the plastic bag for leak detection. After the detection of the above method, if it is found that there is air leakage at the seal of the thermocouple itself, it should be replaced with a new thermocouple.

5. Finally, check the valve of the inflatable group according to the provisions of the maintenance plan. If it is found that the air supply valve in the inflatable group valve has an air leakage problem, the valve should be replaced.

After the vacuum brazing furnace has undergone the above leak detection and maintenance, start the evacuation system to evacuate the furnace, check whether the data of ultimate vacuum degree and pressure rise rate meet the requirements, and then use the test product for brazing, if the test product brazing result is normal , you can use it normally.

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