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Introduction to the use and characteristics of vacuum sintering furnace

People in the industry know that vacuum sintering furnaces are suitable for dozens of processing and manufacturing industries such as aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, cemented carbide, carbon-carbon composite materials, and semiconductor materials. Next, let's take a look at the use and characteristics of the vacuum sintering furnace.
vacuum sintering furnaces
  Used for high temperature sintering and high temperature heat treatment of cemented carbide, tungsten, molybdenum, high temperature ceramics, high temperature alloys, carbon materials, etc.
  1. Higher temperature can reach 2200℃, and it can work stably for a long time under high temperature;
  2. Furnace type has a variety of options such as upper charging, lower charging, vacuum or atmosphere protection;
  3. The furnace body has good airtightness, a fully sealed structure, with a vacuum exhaust system and an argon replacement system, which protects the purity of the gas in the furnace;
  4. Energy-saving and electricity-saving, using electromagnetic induction heating method, high thermal efficiency, energy-saving and electricity-saving.
  5. The heating rate is as high as 600℃/h (lower temperature is faster);
  6. The product production cycle is short, and the time from entering the furnace to the furnace is only 24h-36h (long furnace time);
  7. Using infrared temperature measurement technology, PID segmented program control heating curve, small error.
  8. High safety, using double-layer stainless steel furnace shell, the interlayer is cooled by water, and the temperature of the furnace shell is lower than 50℃. It is equipped with air pressure, water pressure and high temperature alarms, and is also equipped with an overpressure relief device.
  9. The man-machine industrial touch screen is used for control and temperature recording, which is convenient and practical.
  10. A multi-stage filter system can be installed according to process requirements, which can effectively protect the vacuum unit.

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