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2021Star Dental Products:Dental fast/glazing sintering furnace

Recently, Kejia furnace company launched a very popular dental fast sintering furnace. A maximum of 10 crowns can be placed on this furnace. The whole process can be completed in about 40 minutes from booting to the tray lowering. After it is kept warm at the highest temperature, the tray is opened a little bit, and then the tray falls down for about four to five hundred degrees, and then it can be taken out after a while.
The price is cheaper than other types, and the furnace is simple and convenient to use. We have tested the degree of sintering and tooth photos in the laboratory, which are very beautiful. This week, six sets of this stove have been sold to the United States, Austria, and Iran. . . It is deeply loved by the majority of dental customers. You are welcome to consult.
About this furnace KJ-M1700-F link:

dental furnace
dental furnace


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