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Introduction of high temperature box furnace

    Today, I will give you a brief introduction to Kejia high-temperature box furnaces. Many of Kejia electric furnaces adopt non-standard designs for the special requirements of users' products. Normally, the box furnace is mainly composed of outer furnace shell, inner furnace lining, furnace door, composite Morgan fiber hearth, refractory fiber cotton insulation layer, electric heating device, temperature control system and other main parts. It adopts integrated design and covers an area Small and easy to operate.
high-temperature box furnaces
The main features of high temperature box furnace are:
1. The outer furnace shell selects appropriate section steel and steel plate according to the principle of mechanics, and is welded according to the scientific combination method. The whole is strong, firm, durable and reliable. The surface is sprayed with plastic and anticorrosive, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous.
2. Modularized and integrated control circuit, the fault problem is clear at a glance, easy to maintain.
3. The Morgan fiber on the furnace door and the furnace mouth adopt a multi-layer step labyrinth seal. This structure ensures that the furnace door is always in a sealed state during the production process, preventing the escape of high-temperature furnace gas, improving the working environment and enhancing the energy-saving effect .
4. The temperature control adopts programmable PID temperature control meter and digital display. Through its reasonable parameter setting, it can be intelligently and accurately adjusted to achieve the best control of the temperature zone, ideal temperature stability, good temperature repeatability, and temperature Tracking fluctuations are small. Artificial intelligence watch with PID adjustment function, self-tuning function, manual and automatic adjustment function, over-temperature alarm function, automatic cut-off of current at the end of the program, and other functions, with strong reliability.
5. The high-quality refractory fiber cotton insulation layer wraps the furnace, which reduces the heat loss and also greatly saves energy.
6. The furnace chamber is all constructed of composite Morgan fiber materials through a unique process, which has strong thermal shock resistance, strong resistance to rapid cold and rapid heat, good corrosion resistance, no collapse, no crystallization, no slag, no pollution, and long service life The structure has low thermal conductivity, low thermal solubility, excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal vibration resistance, excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
7. The inner furnace lining is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate after bending, and the outer surface is sprayed with plastic, and it does not contact the outer furnace shell, forming an air convection heat insulation layer between it, which reduces the temperature of the outer furnace shell.

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