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Quickly troubleshoot tube furnace faults and solutions

   When we use the tube furnace in our daily life, most of the time is relatively smooth, but occasionally there will be tube furnace strikes. At this time, if the problem cannot be solved quickly, everyone will be very annoyed. Then we should How to quickly find out the cause of the failure of the tube furnace? The following are the problems and solutions I have compiled for you. I hope you can help you in your future work after reading them. Let's take a look at it together:

1. After the tube furnace is energized, there is no power display on the meter;
possible reasons: ①The plug is not plugged in; ②The fuse is blown; ③The control circuit fuse is blown;
Solution: ①Check whether the plug is plugged in or connected properly; ② Better fuse; ③Replace the fuse after checking whether the short circuit is removed;

2. The tube furnace power supply and heating element are normal, but the temperature in the furnace does not rise;
possible reasons: ①The set temperature is low; ②The control circuit is damaged;
solution Method: ①Adjust the set temperature; ②Notify professional maintenance personnel for maintenance;

3. The set temperature does not match the temperature in the furnace, and there is a positive or negative deviation;
possible reasons: ①The temperature sensor or the temperature controller is damaged; ②The temperature measurement point There is a deviation from the position of the stakeout point;
solutions: ①replace the temperature sensor or temperature controller; ②set the stakeout position;

4. The tube furnace instrument outputs normally, and the OUT indicator does not flicker;
possible cause: the main circuit is faulty;
solution : Whether the resistance wire is short-circuited, whether the heating element is controllable, replace the resistance wire or the temperature controller;

5. The meter SV alternately displays HIAL;
possible cause: the temperature in the furnace exceeds the limit, and the meter plays a protective role;
solution: wait for the temperature to drop The instrument returns to normal after the safe temperature.
    If the tube furnace fails, you can refer to the above methods to solve it, but if your problem has not been solved, please contact the manufacturer for after-sales service, and ask professionals to repair it in time, so as not to reduce your work efficiency. Our Kejia electric furnaces are also very professional in heating equipment such as tube furnaces, box furnaces, vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces, etc. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time and look forward to your consultation!
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